denplanDenplan Care

Denplan Care is a monthly dental payment plan which helps you pay for all your routine (check-ups, x-rays and hygiene visits) and restorative dental care such as crowns, bridges or fillings. The amount you pay per month depends on the condition of your oral health and will be set by your dentist following an initial oral health assessment.

Denplan Essentials

Denplan Essentials covers your basic preventive dental care. It is a dental plan which pays for all your routine check-ups, dental x-rays and hygienist visits and entitles you to a discount of 10% off any necessary dental treatment.

All the dental plans arranged by Denplan include worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover (Supplementary Insurance) as well as access to Denplan’s 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Helpline

Denplan Hygiene

I want that fresh, ‘just cleaned’ feeling

Visiting a dental hygienist regularly can make your teeth feel really fresh. Professional hygiene treatments can clean more deeply than with normal brushing, and can be tailored to tackle any areas you’re having trouble reaching in your every day routine. Regular hygiene treatments can also help to prevent oral health problems before they begin, potentially saving you from large dental bills in the future.

Regular, convenient hygiene treatments with costs covered

With Denplan Hygiene Plan, you can arrange regular appointments for hygiene treatments with your preferred dentist or hygienist. There’s no need to wait until your next dental checkup or delay your visit until other problems build up. Simply book your appointments and enjoy that ‘just cleaned’ feeling that provides extra reassurance, freshness and confidence.

Hygiene treatment will be covered by your Denplan Hygiene Plan – as agreed by you and your dentist or hygienist. It’s simple and convenient.

Enjoy a confident fresher smile

Your dental hygienist can give you expert advice on how to care for your teeth and gums yourself. So any dental concerns or questions you have about your daily oral hygiene routine can be answered by a professional.

Dental hygienists and dental therapists are specifically trained in the prevention of gum problems and also in the professional cleaning and polishing of your teeth to make them look their absolute best.

How it works

Denplan Hygiene Plan is tailored to fit your needs:

  • Your dentist or hygienist will will decide with you how many hygiene appointments you will need each year (treatment is always at their discretion).
  • Your dentist will then let you know your monthly fee to spread the cost of your care, helping you to budget for your regular visits.
  • Your payment is collected through a monthly Direct Debit by Denplan. Further information including full terms and conditions can be found in the Denplan Hygiene Plan Application and Membership Booklet.

Signing up is simple

There is no pre-assessment before joining Denplan Hygiene Plan. It’s quick and easy to get started – simply arrange an appointment with your Denplan dentist or hygienist.

They will discuss your care with you and tailor a plan to fit your needs. You will be asked to sign an agreement with them and complete an application form which is then sent to Denplan.

Denplan leads the way

Our unique and wide-ranging services have been supporting dentists and patients for nearly 30 years. We are the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist.

Ask your practice about joining Denplan Hygiene Plan today.

This is a brief summary of the benefits, exclusions and limitations of Denplan Hygiene Plan.

Denplan Hygiene Plan gives you:

  • An easy way to spread the cost of dental hygiene treatments.
  • Hygiene appointments and treatments from your preferred hygienist.
  • Advice from a dental professional about looking after your oral health, including brushing, flossing and cleaning between your teeth.

Denplan Hygiene Plan does not cover:

  • Hygiene treatments carried out by someone other than your registered dental care professional.
  • Routine preventive and restorative dental care from your dentist.
  • Insurance for dental injuries or dental emergencies.
  • Fees for any other services, including laboratory fees, referred treatment or sedation

Please remember that treatment is always at the discretion of your dentist. Your dentist and hygienist may review your treatment requirements with you at any time. Full terms and conditions of the plan are available on request.