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Dear patients of Lanark Dental Care,  the chief dental officer for Scotland has now issued new instructions for dental practices (As of 24/03/20). We are now no longer allowed to treat patients directly. We are able to offer telephone advice and prescriptions if applicable.  

Anyone requiring immediate treatment for severe swelling, severe pain, uncontrolled bleeding or notable trauma will be triaged by ourselves and urgently signposted directly to our hospital colleagues who are equipped to manage potential exposure to covid19.  

The practice phone will be directed to one of our dentist’s phones. We will liaise with one of the Lanark pharmacies to dispense prescriptions.  

 Regards Dr Ellingham, principal dentist 




Lanark Dental Care has been established in the High street of Lanark for many years. We are committed to offering caring and quality dentistry to our patients. We will offer all options available and advise on the most suitable treatments. If you have problems with your teeth, need a check up or wish to discuss any area of dental care, please come and see us.

You will find us friendly, gentle and professional.

We offer dental care for our patients that allows the dentist the freedom to use the best in modern materials and techniques. We can cater for the full range of preventative and restorative solutions.

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