Looking after your teeth over Christmas

December 10, 2015

‘Tis the season to be jolly and (over)indulge in a few festive treats!

Throughout the party season we will be increasing our intake of sugar, whether it be through alcohol or sweet foods, so it’s vital we take extra special care of our teeth and gums.

Here are a few tips for looking after your teeth – and avoiding too many visits to the dentist in the New Year.

  • The best time to eat sugary foods and drinks is during or straight after a meal.
  • It’s not necessarily just what you eat or drink that affects your teeth, it’s how long it’s in your mouth for, so toffees, lollipops etc that dissolve slowly can be more detrimental than, for example, chocolate
  • Falling asleep or going straight to bed without brushing your teeth on the odd ocassion won’t cause any harm, but do it too often and you could be asking for trouble. If you think you may be in this situation take preventative action and make sure you brush and preferably floss your teeth beforehand.
  • Consider an electric tooth brush. Studies have consistently shown that these can remove more plaque more easily than manual brushing.
  • If you know or think there is something wrong with your teeth, visit your dentist because it wont get any better by itself! Leaving it for a couple of months until you pay of Christmas debt will only cost you more in the long run.
  • Book a visit with the dental hygienist in January to get thorough clean and polish and get the New Year off to a great start.

We are offering dental hygienist visits for £25 discounted from £43 throughout January only.

Contact us today to make the most of this fantastic offer!

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